Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very late outline for final paper

Development of Learning Strategies for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Secondary School Students with Low Achievement in English but High Achievement in Other Second Languages

Project Conceptual Model

This research seeks to understand difference between learning styles, strategies and personal factors of students’ who show low achievement in English but have high achievement in other second languages.

Research questions are
1. Does student have different learning style for learning in English and other foreign languages?
2. Is student using different learning strategies for learning in English and other foreign languages?

Obtaining data to answer the research questions will be contingent on the following objectives:
1. Development of an interval level measure of Korean High school student dispositions towards English learning.
2. Development of learning style and strategies for successful English learning
3. Development of instructional modules for removing negative affective factors and increasing positive affective factors

1. Understanding of the importance of learning style, strategies and affective factors of students
: Theoretical background
1.1.Learning styles
1.1.1 Field Independence vs. Field dependence
1.1.2 Left- and Right-Brain Dominance
1.1.3 Ambiguity Tolerance
1.1.4 Reflectivity and Impulsivity
1.1.5 Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic style

1.2. Learning strategies
1.2.1 Memory strategies
1.2.2 Cognitive Strategies
1.2.3 Compensation Strategies
1.2.4 Metacognitive strategies
1.2.5 Affective strategies

2. Understanding of the different attitudes of students toward English learning and another second language
2.1. Learning styles checklist
2.2. Perceptual Learning-style preference questionnaire
2.3. Self-scoring sheet
2.4. The strategy inventory for language learning

3. Students' difference between English learning and another second language
3.1. Identifying learner’s styles and strategies
3.2. Strategy Based Instruction

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